Production technology

Aluminum processing

We make most of the shading components cold-worked from pressed aluminum based on 3D designs on our CNC machine (FOM Dali), but we also have traditional technologies. We have a number of aluminum molds in which we cast the aluminum and then process it. In many cases, the CNC machined profiles are sliced ​​on our automatic cutter (FOM mirage) and then punched on our punching machines.

Steel processing

For our steel basic structures, we slice the fittings with the Thomas STRAD 300 automatic cutting machine or with our PVM hydraulic press. We can weld with any technology, we can also perform arc, flame, AVI welding.

Textile processing

We weld our textiles with our high-frequency FIAB machine, which is the best solution in terms of durability for our indoor and outdoor window shades. If the textile cannot be welded, sew it.

Lamella production

We manufacture and punch the slats of our blinds with our HD and profiling machines.

Component production

In addition to the already mentioned cast aluminum, we make our components with cutting tools made for our eccentric presses or with our plastic injection tools.

Unique design

If the production technology requires it, we also use a welding robot, plate bending or cutting machine.