Ventilation grills, rain protection fixed louvres

Optical covers



In addition to lamella ventilation grilles, optical covering systems and soundproof walls, our company also works on modern building shading solutions.

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Our products

Moduláris szellőzőrácsok/esővédő zsaluk

Modular ventilation grills/rain shutters

Optikai takarások

Optical covers

Hanggátló falak

Soundproof walls


Product presentation


Why Syba?

Stable operation since 1990
100% Hungarian property
Self-made products
Technical support for complex investments

Production technology

Our special machinery combines automated and manual production technology to ensure excellent quality.

About our company

Our passion is solving shading technical problems! When you don’t get an answer elsewhere, we design, manufacture and install it.

Our references

A selection of our previous shading technology, mechanical ventilation and noise protection works.