109x120mm continous louwre wall, the extruded aluminium
lamellas are fixed with bolts.

The distance between the lamellasare free, depends ont he
users demand.(air mass quantity)

Thanks to the simple but strong enough fixing, the weight of
the wall is only 10-20 kg/m2.

The maximum distance between vertical fixings are 1,5

Lamella cantileverness is maximum 0,4 meters.

The ends of longitudinal louvre wall are covered with special
frame profile or sheeting. It is also possibile to cut the louvres
at an angle.

The louvres can be covered with bird and insect nets.

Material:EN 6063-T5 AlMgSiO.5

Technical details

lamella allocation ( C ) 50,0 – 200,0mm
width (X ) : 109 mm
height (Y ) : 126 mm
visual free cross section : 80-95%
phisical free cross section : 45-51 %
max. support span: 1,5 m
max. lamella cantilever: 0,4 m
max. lamella lenght: 6 m

Colour choices

We can produce products according to the entire RAL color scale, in powder-coated or anodized designs.
Depending on the function, our experts will help you find the right color.