Acoustic 150AD

In the planning phase of mechanical units of the
buildings, arise the demand of covering
individual elements and the reduction of noises
coming to the outside world. At the same time,
the it is also important to ensure the necessary
air mass volume.

SYBA Acoustic noise reduction wall louvres
offers obvious solutions. An ideal, aesthetic and
timeless solution to cover building engineering
elements, while ventilation is ensured. The
lamellas and the frame that receive them are
made of extruded aluminum profile. The
structure surface is powdered coated according
to RAL color scale.

The louvre can be easily matched to the
facade. The brackets, holding the slats are
vertical and can also be placed in a horizontal
plane. The lamellar wall thickness 150 and 300
mm, height can be changed in steps of 150
mm. The wall self-weight for 150 mm version 18
kg/m2, 300 mm version 36 kg/sqm. The vertical
supports maximum distance can be 3 m! The
sound reduction material is Rockwool Airrock

The SYBA Acoustic 150AS and Acoustic 150 AD
lamellar noise reduction walls were measured
with certified instruments.

name type ID width X
height Y
pitch C
150AD Acoustic 14170+
300 235 +
150 6000
free area
Fixing Weight
visual phisical Rw db support
max. (mm)
self weight
35% 17 (-1;-4) dB 300 4000 36

Colour choices

We can produce products according to the entire RAL color scale, in powder-coated or anodized designs.
Depending on the function, our experts will help you find the right color.