SYBA for saving great bustard nests

The cooperation between SYBA Napvédélem Kft. and the Börzsöny Alapítvány goes back several years.

The foundation is dedicated to saving habitats, protecting our environment and thus the Earth.

The reason for our present article is that 13.01.2023 was the significant day when Balázs Ujhelyi, the owner of SYBA Napvédélem Kft., handed over the drone, about which you can read a few lines at the end of our article, to Róbert Kazi, the representative of the Börzsöny foundation.

Balázs Ujhelyi SYBA on the left, Kazi Róbert Börzsöny Foundation on the right.

SYBA Sun Protection Kft. believes that we can do our part to live up to the saying that goes like this:

“we did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrowed it from our grandchildren”

Anyone who ponders this sentence looks around and decides which side he is on.

It continues to destroy its environment.

He sticks his head in the sand, comforting himself with different theories. At best, it says something should be done…

Do something about the destruction!

He doesn’t wait around, he doesn’t talk about how this and that should be done, he doesn’t point at others, he doesn’t say that a swallow doesn’t make a summer, etc. But he does something!

We do something!

This does not simply mean that we open our wallets and donate (although this is better than ostrich politics) but also actively participate in the protection of nature.

Individuals – our colleagues – act in their micro-environment for the sake of the goal, depending on their information, their temperament, and the pressure of their conscience.

These actions can range from selective waste collection, through the establishment of a bird-friendly garden, to field work, such as the inspection of owl nests, and even further.

A previous nature conservation work of ours can be read here.

A few words about the drone given as support.

The drone can be used in many ways. In this case, it is equipped with a thermal camera.

Main purpose:

With the drone equipped with a thermal camera, the pilot maps the location of the great bustard nests in the area to be investigated after sunset. They are digitally tagged.

In the field, he then visits the places during the day and marks out the protection zone around the nest with stakes and flags.

With this, we can save the lives of many birds and chicks, since agricultural machines can now avoid the area without trampling the nesting grounds.

Great bustard chicks next to each other – photo: grosstrappe

Other activities we can do with the drone:

In strictly protected nature conservation areas, we can use the drone to take pictures of illegal garbage dumps, we can record the environmentally damaging activities there, and the recordings can serve as the basis for criminal charges.

We can also videotape the illegal activities of motorcyclists and off-roaders that destroy the environment, and we can even follow the people who commit these crimes with the drone.

“The Mavic 3 Enterprise takes the efficiency of mapping and missions to new heights with its mechanical shutter, 56× zoom camera and centimeter-accurate RTK module. A thermal camera version is also available for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection and night operations.”