At SYBA, in addition to shading technology, environmental protection is our other passion, which we actively practice not only during our production processes, but also in our free time.

In 2003, we installed around 30 hexagonal burrows for owls in various areas of Börzsöny. We check burrows equipped with mirrors with binoculars 2-4 times in the spring, but we also check pairs nesting in known natural burrows or nests of twigs. In the autumn and late winter period, we also monitor the owl population by calling at night. In addition to the regular maintenance and replacement of the burrows, 57 outdoor burrows are now waiting for the nocturnal birds. Despite the proven presence of the Ural owl, until 2014 only barn owls occupied the nesting boxes.

In 2014 and 2017, we finally spotted Ural owl breeding in two owl nests each!