Modular ventilation grille system from SYBA

The market for mechanical ventilators is growing. As more and more advanced mechanical equipment comes to light, the market demands innovative, easy-to-install and durable mechanical ventilation grids.
SYBA wants to meet this with its novelty. We are pleased to present one of our new developments:

The Extruded aluminum lamella mechanical ventilation grid system.

The product family is a System consisting of the following elements:


  • The specially designed and manufactured extruded aluminum frame profile 1.
  • 4 types of extruded aluminum lamellas that can be fitted into the frame 2.
  • The extruded aluminum auxiliary profile that holds the slats in the correct plane 3.

Many manufacturers use galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheet bent frame and slats.

They can have a number of bad qualities:

  • steel elements can corrode,
  • they are not shape-retaining, they can be deformed (the plates are made of elementary aluminum, they do not contain alloying elements)
  • they are surface treated in domestic powder coating plants, where the preparation of the surface for painting is not always perfect, and the production time increases.

Advantages of the SYBA extruded aluminum lamella ventilation grid system:

Modular assembly system made of extruded profiles, can be installed in any size.

  • the assembly can also be done on site by assembling the pre-assembled elements,
  • the transport becomes easier
  • factory powder-coated, durable surface.
  • quick and easy installation
  • adjustable lamella size depending on the appearance of the facade