SYBA Ellipsun 150 lamellar structure as mechanical covering wall

Millenáris Tudományos Kulturális Nonprofit Kft.

CÉH Tervező Beruházó és Fejlesztő Zrt.

General contractor

Hajdu_Alu Zrt.

The client’s wish was to build an aesthetic, lamellar mechanical covering structure. In consultation with the general contractor, our company decided to use SYBA Ellipsun E 150 extruded aluminum lamellas. The mentioned lamellar shade here forms a mechanical covering wall, which ensures the required air supply of the mechanical elements, and also lends a unique effect to this part of the building with its extravagant appearance.

Shaded surface
83 sqm

Our products used in this project

Ellipsun shading

In this project, with a special mechanical cover function.

SYBA Ellipsun E 150, fixed, extruded aluminum lamellar shade